Corporate responsibility

Vital and integral to long-term success

Corporate responsibility is considered by us to be a tremendously important part of our business given the many and diverse cultures we work with and within.

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of Tourvest’s business model. It is our belief that companies should not operate in a void. Similar to citizens of a country, companies should contribute to the economy and general uplift of the communities they surround and impact daily. Businesses thriving in these communities make use of their people, their land and their resources. Based upon this, it has become expected that these prosperous businesses should give back to the surroundings, so as to ensure that there will be enough provision for the coming generations.

It is upon this basis that Tourvest has developed its social responsibility programme. Tourvest’s objective is to promote the sustainable development of rural communities in Africa. In 2000, we formed a partnership with the Siyasiziza Trust (Siyasiziza meaning ‘we help one another’). In full partnership, the Trust became a shareholder in Tourvest’s business. To date, some US$6 million has been channelled into this non-profit organisation. The Trust focuses on asset-based community development methods, recognising the strengths, gifts, talents and resources of individuals and communities.

With the Trust, we assist communities to mobilise and build on their strengths for sustainable development. By focusing on assets and capacities, rather than needs and deficiencies, developmental energy is therefore more effectively directed.

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Tourvest has also ‘adopted’ Afrika Tikkun, an organisation dedicated to investing in education, health and social services for children, youth and their families through its community Centres of Excellence and strategic partnerships.

However, our support goes deeper than just making financial donations; Tourvest holds an annual event on Nelson Mandela Day (18th July) where members from the various Tourvest business units get together to spend time building new homes in poor, informal settlements and uplifting these communities in general.

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Empowerment informs our philosophies and practices, contributing to the transformation of our business, as well as long-term stability, sustainability and growth in the tourism industry.