Our people

Expert leadership team

At TIRS, the executive team consists of specialists in the various departments required to run a successful and efficient inflight retail operation. They provide us with the proficient knowledge of the relevant and specific logistical and operational requirements daily, which we pass on to and through to your business to make it thrive. We are very proud of our exceptional team of highly capable leaders that assist in making you and your airline a truly successful and inspiring business.

TIRS is the industry employer of choice with many team members building successful long-term careers within our company. We have a clear vision and mission, with a set of values where the employee always remains the focus.

Tourvest-vissionWe want to be the globally recognised, innovative value creators, providing a suite of best in class travel retail products, services and technologies.

Tourvest-missionTo become an intergrated extension of our clients’ overall value proposition, rather than a mere supplier.

Tourvest-valuesI say it like it is. I don’t only hear; I listen. I am a positive enthusiast. I am trustworthy. I align to an uncompromising high performance culture. I am a fast walker, taking change in my stride. I am part of one business and one team. I drive value through seeking a good return and question every cost. I am here to be an innovative value creator. I take on accountability and responsibility for my actions.