Supreme levels of quality and innovation

Our highly skilled teams identify trends globally and secure supply across the various brands and price points to ensure a good – better – best product offering


The TIRS team has over 50 years’ experience in the Buy on Board food and beverage business. This includes the sourcing of ambient (snacks, etc) and fresh (sandwiches, etc) product, menu design, full logistics, as well as stock control. All aligned to the required health and safety regulations.

During our combined careers we have been instrumental in delivering ranges which are airline- and passenger-centric, with high levels of quality and innovation. These principles are at the core of all our commercial decision-making – we know that enticing choices for passengers designed to fulfil their needs and wants are fundamental in maximising and driving revenue. We equally understand the importance of delivering ranges which are aligned to the airlines’ brand values and which ensure passenger satisfaction.

We are experienced in developing new products and ranges quickly. Building proactive, new supplier relationships in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing retail environment is something we pride ourselves on.

Collectively, our team has a great deal of experience developing both our own and exclusive label food products, as well as building ranges which are specific to a region or continent.

Identifying trends

Experts in their arenas, our teams identify trends and secure supply, quickly and efficiently. Always keeping in mind and working towards delivering the Good – Better – Best product offering tailored to each airline and its specific passenger profile.

Wastage represents a significant cost in terms of the purchase price of the items disposed of, as well as handling of and then ultimately, the cost of disposal (undermining the contribution achieved from buy on board). As a result, we have data analytics and various other type of specialists, who can deal with this along with our automated system, to assist our airline partners in striving towards the best ROI, always.

Buy on Board

Collectively, the TIRS team have over 50 years of comprehensive and extensive internal experience in managing the buy on board end-to-end process.

This includes and covers all elements of product sourcing, range development and menu design, product marketing, logistics and supply chain, as well as wastage management and food safety.