We invest in software development,

so you don’t need to


We provide several ancillary revenue streams to further enhance sales, e.g. pre-order e-commerce channels, home delivery services
and the sale of inflight virtual products.

Our integrated, direct to passenger e-commerce marketing strategy, world leading electronic point of sale (EPOS) hardware and software, as well as integrated front-, mid- and back-office systems clearly differentiate our business and have established us as the global leaders.

The culmination of our vision is “personalisation”! Using travellers’ historic purchase data collected via our technology, we are able to create targeted marketing initiatives based on the exact needs of each individual airline passenger.

We work closely with an airline to maximise the opportunities that exist in any existing loyalty programme, offering additional benefits to passengers as valued members, while delivering the commercial objectives behind their loyalty programme. As experience, we have successfully engaged and integrated with the international SAA Voyager Loyalty Programme.

The future of the inflight retail value position is in e-commerce and our online retail platforms currently include:

Please view these sites to experience the product ranges on offer, together with targeted content, advertising banners, user experience and seamless payment mechanisms. We generate and build dedicated passenger contact information through newsletter and social media sign ups.

Pre-order online food and beverage shopping

No more are the days when passengers had a limited selection of food and beverages available on board. The future is here and running faster than ever before. If you are not keeping up, you will be left behind, along with your business. Passengers can now turn to the Internet to pre-order their food and beverages from the comfort of their home or office BEFORE flying.

We have enabled our airline partners to now reap the benefits of an additional sales channel by allowing TIRS to cater for an online pre-order service, which includes both food, beverages as well as other travel retail products.

TIRS will develop a comprehensive and integrated marketing strategy for you and your airline, which will provide your business with a suite of multimedia communications to promote and communicate before and during inflight.