Exclusive products

Globally renowned brands

Market leaders in duty free and boutique markets

At TIRS, we have a wealth of experience in the global inflight retail arena and we are proud to consider ourselves worldwide market leaders. We have won various awards to support this standing. Our buyers are experts in their fields and our range-building strategies are airline/customer-centric. Carefully developed from detailed evaluations of relevant categories and customer profiles. Our teams identify trends and secure supply across the various brands and price points to ensure an excellent product offering.

Trend identification

Our buying power within the industry enables us to leverage attractive terms from existing and new suppliers. The TIRS buying team actively engages the marketplace to identify both current and forward trends, attending relevant trade events to explore new products and develop proactive and positive relationships with new suppliers.

TIRS currently contracts over 400 suppliers across its onboard sales, pre-order and mail order business. Twenty percent of these are new to in inflight or travel retailing.