Our operations are of world class standard

The engine room of our business can be found in our operations teams

Management hubs

We at TIRS, currently have two strategic management hubs to oversee our operations teams. One is situated in South Africa and responsible for servicing all of our current concessions across Africa, with the other situated in the United Kingdom. This allows us an immense strategic advantage which we maximize on and carry over to our partners.

Streamlined systems

To facilitate and enhance productivity and efficiency in delivery onboard services, our operations are decentralized via a number of bonded warehouses. These are located across Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Angola and South Africa) as well as London Heathrow Airport. Annually, we pack approximately 580,000 duty free trolleys to cater for over 42 million duty free customers across our concessions.

Our personalised and developed systems streamline the packing of trolleys/containers. At every step, we take into account the various aspects of multi-packing of items for specific routes. Our technology and systems produce an index of all items in the trolleys/containers, which assists the crew in locating products with ease and minimum delay to the customer.